Saturday, January 30, 2010


We went to the Super Target in Hiram today. In the rain. And cold. In the middle of the afternoon on Saturday. I'm still trying to figure out what we were thinking. Anyway, we were looking at toys with the kids and we decided to let them get something cheap. Holli got a Barbie outfit. Anybody notice how slutty those outfits look now? Really, her entire collection looks like a whorehouse lineup.

George is into trains, sorry Choo Choos, so He got a train from the Thomas line. Ash got a HotWheels car. A Ford GT40 to be exact. Very cool. Now, Ash is 5 years old and right at 4 feet tall. The car display is at its' lowest 4 & a half feet from the floor. Therefore, Ash had a hard time seeing the cars in detail. He did see a little thing that looked like a cross between a popcorn popper and a Smart Car. I didn't like it and looked for something different. So, I picked out the GT40 and he liked it. Gravy.

This got me thinking. Ash gets a bunch of cars for gifts at Christmas and for his birthday, just as I did. That means he gets cars that I pick out. I try to pick ones he would like, but ultimately , it comes down to what I like. Did my Dad do the same thing?

I would ask him if he were still with us. I suppose I can ask my Mom, but I like to think that he did it the same. He was a little bit of a gearhead. He loved cars and was pretty good with a wrench. I had some cool cars as a kid and Ash has a lot of the same ones I played with. Going with the belief that Dad chose based on his preference, than he did a good job.

The thing is that I think I'm a pretty good father. I'm not even close to the man my Dad was. I'm not feeling bad for myself or fishing for compliments. It's the truth. He was probably the nicest person I've ever met. Ash is taking after him nicely. He was a great father. So, I like thinking he and I have some things in common as far as parenting goes. No matter how small it seems, picking out toy cars for our sons the same way means a lot to me. I aspire to be more like him. If more men were, society would definitely be better.

Who knows? Maybe my Mom did the choosing.

By the way, has anybody seen the new e-trade baby? It's not the kids fault, but he doesn't work in that commercial. They just chose wrong. Poor kid.

"Please call. Please be a part of my life!" Miss Li

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